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Gajoen Party

One Step into a banquet room leads to great excitement.
Producing a party with such a unique concept is the style of Hotel Gajoen Tokyo.

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We will flexibly respond to requirements for any type of party-ranging from large diner parties to compact buffets. A kitchen stadium can be set up in the center of a banquet hall, for exmaple, to provide a live cooking demonstration, so that guests can enjoy the chef’s excellent technique presented in front of them, while culinary gems are beautifully created and served one after another there. We can create a space full of such surprises and joys. In addition, a gorgeous time spent with beautiful live music and room decorations created under a specific theme around will certainly become an unforgettable expetience for those who come all the way to a party.

Gajoen Conference

From large conferences to small meetings, by producing a Japanese-style or Western-style conference,
we are helping customers create an impressive business setting.

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  • Conference

We respond to requirements for meetinds of vatious scales, from large meetings such as international conferences and academic presentation conferences to small seminars.
On an occasion such as a presentation conference of a company, the success of a presentation largely depends on the way the presentation is produced using lighting and acoustics. Hotel Gajoen Tokyo has an efficient production staff with rich experience, and assists you in conducting a conference using the latest equipment. Visual effects using a projected image convering the entire wall of a hall, lighting that hightlights the vivid facial expression of the presenter, live broadcasting, and others - you will feel the differenece of our technique.

Conference Conference

Gajoen MICE

Offering a luxurious time - while welcoming guests in a historic space, like an art museum.
Using the world-class “Arts Hall of Frame” Hotel Gajoen Tokyo is proud of,
you can a party that cannot be seen elsewhere.

  • MICE

The traditional beauty of Japan is now once again attracting attention from all around the world. Another characteristic of hotel Gajoen Tokyo is that a party in which guests can feel the charm of such traditional beauty can be beld in the hotel. The hotel’s fourth floor was the flooe bult by relocating precious ornaments from the old Meguro Gajoen buildings upon which “Japanese-style banquet halls” are gathered, and whose beauty has fascinated many guests to date. Also, small and large rooms designed with a blending of Japanese and Western styles as their theme are available to allow you to enjoy a party in which the Japanese-style sprit of beauty and the refined modern style are merged together.
How about welcoming customers from overseas with the Japanese-style sprit of beauty?

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