Information on Safety Measures
  • News
  • 2023.05.08

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo is taking the following measures to prevent reassure our guests.


Measures in guest spaces
– Room airing is conducted as necessary through the hotel.
– Elevator buttons and door knobs are disinfected with alcohol at regular intervals. Any equipment lent to guests by the hotel will be disinfected with alcohol for each use.


Measures taken by hotel staff
– All hotel staff get their temperatures checked before commuting to work.
(If anyone has a fever or high temperature, he/she contacts a medical institution, receives their instructions, and remains home until he/she has fully recovered.)
– All hotel staff and service partners have been instructed to regularly wash their hands, gargle and use hand sanitizer.


Requests to Guests
– Hand sanitizer has been made available throughout the hotel. Please use it to disinfect your hands.
– Guests who have a fever or other symptoms are kindly asked to refrain from coming to the hotel.


Hotel Gajoen Tokyo is determined to do everything we can to ensure as safe and comfortable of a visit.


Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

General Manager, Hotel Gajoen Tokyo